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  A new section of the corporate office of Orange County Resorts & Hotels Ltd at Bangalore was designed as a multifunctional space with in-built working tables for our Sales & Marketing, Architecture and Design teams, a Corporate Boardroom and a staff buffet dining area. Efficient use of space in terms of functionality and storage is a hallmark of this design.


A sense of continuous space was created by seamlessly blending waste wood with, jute, coir, glass and mirrors. The floors inspired by the cow dung smeared floors of Indian village homes add a touch of rustic elegance. The sense of being close to nature was further enhanced by the vegetables grown in planters on the window sills and the earthenware on the buffet counters. A sense of relaxed calmness pervades the office.



Sawmill waste or Porakote as known in local lingo is the waste wood generated when round logs that are sawn to create angular wood pieces. Faced with an ever-increasing pile of such waste wood at our project sites, we decided to upcycle the same and put it to productive use by incorporating the same into the design sensibility. Porakote and other carpentry waste has been used liberally in the fixtures such as worktables, lamp shades and more setting a new benchmark to aesthetic upcycling of waste.

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