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Situated adjacent to the serene wilderness of Nagarhole National Park and surrounded on three sides by the scenic Kabini backwaters, Evolve Back, Kabini draws you into the vibrant lifestyle of the local Kadu Kuruba tribe. It does so by providing the essence of their tradition without compromising on luxury.

The architectural style of the resort emanates from the building heritage of the Kadu Kurubas characterized by mud walls, thatched roofs and cowdung smeared floors. The interiors of the Private Pool and Jacuzzi Huts celebrates the vernacular with ethnic furniture, tribal patterned furnishings and bottle gourd lampshades while the exterior captures the richness of the land and its culture to match the theme.

The scenic resort with its unique architectural style and sweeping panoramic vistas presents a vernacular dimension to luxury that’s truly liberating.



In rural India, cow dung slurry is used to coat mud floors. Besides being eco-friendly, cow dung is rich in minerals and has anti-bacterial properties. It is also an insect repellent and has been found to be effective against mosquitos. Cow dung smeared floors remain warm in winters and cool in summers. Nature’s cure to life’s maladies!

The flooring pattern at Evolve Back, Kabini is inspired by the traditional cow dung floors of native village homes. 

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