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Taking a new turn in office design, our workspace is envisioned to align perfectly with our brand values of sustainability and environmental care. Using local labour to fabricate almost every single piece of furniture in-house, the tables, seating, workstations and lighting are crafted from wood that no one else wanted.

Following organic curves, rather than right angles and rigid lines, this workspace is handcrafted with nature’s materials and much of the wood is live edge, procured from timber yards where it had been lying in the open for years, naturally weathered by the sun and rain. The owners were happy to get rid of it. 

The 4200 sq ft space with a linear footprint is awash with natural light through the bank of windows on one side. 
The marketing space is open and interactive, while the sales spaces has hanging natural pods made from poles and faux leather. These pods promote user interaction as well as privacy – both holding true to the genre of work. Sliding doors between cabins create expansive, multifunctional spaces during large meetings.

Natural Pods Concept Sketch.jpg


Promoting flexibility and interaction while still confined to one’s own space, the ceiling hung concentration ‘pods’ have their own controllable light and storage. They are also used as spaces to quickly jot down ideas or information.

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