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Evolve Back, Coorg was designed to provide guests with an authentic Plantation Experience from Coorg. Two architectural styles, typical of the region, were used to showcase the culture and lifestyle of the region.

The Heritage Pool Villas were inspired by the Kodava Ainmanes – the ancestral houses of the Coorgs or Kodavas. Built using the archetypal rust-red, hand-cut, laterite bricks and tiled roofs, they are strategically placed to accentuate the breathtaking views of the rolling coffee plantations, the private lake and the emerald green rice fields while offering the ultimate in luxury and privacy.

The Lily Pool Villas were inspired by the white-washed, mud-walled, thatched houses that were typical of the workers quarters in plantations. These villas also incorporate tranquil lily ponds in their back yards, inspired by the tiny ponds and lakes that dot this hilly green district. Authentic terracotta tiled floors and hardwood furniture add character to these luxurious villas that are spacious, and comfortable.



Moist red laterite soil is cut into regular sized blocks and then exposed to air. It hardens as the moisture between the clay particles evaporates and the larger iron salts lock into a rigid lattice structure. The resultant block is resistant to weather conditions and makes an ideal building material that is used extensively in the Coorg region.

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