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They say every story has a beginning. The Ramapuram family had its origin in a small town called Pala in Kottayam, Kerala, India. The family lived through great events like the World Wars, played a leadership role in the Indian freedom struggle and established itself in the plantation and luxury hospitality sectors without compromising on values and patriotism.


Earthitects are the architects and creators Headed by Mr. George Ramapuram an Architect and the Managing Director of Evolve Back Resorts, Earthitects has ideated, designed and built these globally acclaimed resorts.

Inspired by this success, Earthitects has now ventured into Holiday Experiences, bringing with it, its signature philosophy of working hand in hand with nature to craft authentic, beautiful and nature-inspired dwellings. Enshrined within Earthitects are the tenets of the House of Ramapuram, that celebrates ‘Excellence Rooted in Values’.

We like to describe ourselves as Architects of the Earth. Rooted in the values of the land, Earthitects works hand in hand with nature to craft dwellings that emanate from the very earth that binds us all.

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