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 The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi is synonymous with the splendour of the once glorious Vijayanagara Empire. At Evolve Back, Hampi, we have recreated this splendour by adopting the design sensibilities prevalent and typical of that era.

Hindu style arches ending in pinnacles, teardrop-shaped Balustrades and Bay Windows have been matched with rough granite flooring and polished dark wood furniture. Muted colours used in the furnishings create a minimalistic, soothing effect. The lotus and its motif, prominently featured in the ruins, permeates the resort interiors and water bodies while the bathrooms are cladded with self-coloured vine inlays.

 With its grand fort like entrance, stone paved boulevard, arched hallways and regal suites, the resort pays homage to Vijayanagara Courtly Style of architecture.culture and lifestyle of the region.



What is in the arch of an Arch? Plenty it would seem, for in Hampi there were two distinct style of arches with two distinct purposes. There are the ‘masculine’ arches that are simple and slightly squarish, commonly found in utilitarian and military buildings and then there are the ‘feminine’ arches that are curved, elaborate and floral in nature that were used in residential and leisure structures.

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