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 Mr. Cherian Thomas Ramapuram, is Executive Director, Orange County and Hotels Ltd, operating luxury resorts under the ‘Evolve Back’ brand. He has been actively involved in the top management of the company from its inception in 1994 and has played an active role in bringing the company and the brand to its current level of
national and international recognition.

As an Executive Director of Orange County and Hotels Ltd., Mr. Cherian Ramapuram has over the last 25 years gained priceless national and international exposure especially in the concept of luxury. In addition to the big cities of the world, his work has taken him to the finest luxury destinations in the world including Monaco, Cannes, Marrakech and more where he has also had the opportunity to interact with the leaders in the ‘luxury’ industry.

He believes that luxury comes with a great responsibility. A responsibility to protect and nurture the local environment, society, economy. A responsibility to ensure a general improvement in the quality of life of the local communities.

Cherian is a spiritual person actively and deeply involved in several charitable activities by giving his time, money and effort, especially during these days of COVID 19 when so many lives have been disrupted. 

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